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Why use Etherlink?

Etherlink builds on the decentralisation of L1 Tezos to provide an EVM-compatible solution with distributed sequencing from day 1. Leveraging the latest research with a modified implementation of Bullshark with Shoal, Etherlink is low latency (with sub-second confirmation times) with a fair ordering of transactions for all. If the sequencing fails, users have an option to submit to the L1 directly after a delay.

Smart Rollup Advantages

All smart rollups on Tezos, Etherlink included, are optimistic and enshrined. This means they are implemented directly at the Tezos’ protocol level as opposed to using a smart contract on L1 for their operation. Tezos’ smart rollups are officially recognised by the protocol as special entities with particular privileges and features, as oppose to a smart contract based rollup:
  • Rollup related L1 activity can be made much more gas efficient
  • Standardisation of communication between L1 and rollups allows for cross rollup communication, even those with different execution environments (e.g. EVM/Michelson/SVM etc)
  • Smart Rollups can retrieve information from a “reveal-data channel” enabling access to data sources external to the Tezos blockchain.
If you're interested in reading more about Smart Rollups, please head over to Scaling on Tezos.
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